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Hello to all,
Please bear with us while we learn the ropes of Cat Blogging. My paws are rather awkward since The Lady needs to trim my claws (as if I would let her). We need all of you to help us figure out how to fix up our blog house. Where is the tuna? And...the litter box? We will be bringing on board some more handsome photos of me and a few snaps of my siblings (just little ones) as we are able to get The Lady or My Bestfriend to help us. I guess this is all for now because the heater just came on and I want to go fluff my furs. Purry Happy to meet you! Frankie

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ghost Hunter and Secret Agent

Ah!  A nice sunny Sunday here in the wine country of Sonoma County...(The Lady wanted me to tell you that.)  Personally,  I don't give a yowl about wine...and neither do the others.  But we are really smitten with lounging in the spring sunlight.  My Best Friend has been here overnight and she took some photos of me and Jasper working at some of our jobs.  In our family, I am the one who takes charge of all bird related actions and paranormal events.  Here is a photo of meoooowaaa in pursuit of a ghostly apparition.

My new brother, Jasper, is an enigma.  He came to live with us after we met him at the local feed store.  He was there, confined in a wire cage.  The Lady and My Best Friend liberated him immediately (they had been searching for a large marmalade beast for months to no avail).  He was "the right one", according to The Lady.  My question is, "The right one for who or what?"  Anyway, we know NOTHING ABOUT HIS PAST.  He is a secretive sort of fellow, hiding, to do who knows what in the privacy of dark spaces.


Today we wish you all a sunny snoozy Sunday.  And for those of you still shivering in the dregs of winter, there is hope and genuine solar warmth just over the horizon!



  1. OMC, that second pic is hilarious! We love it!

    We're not quite shivering, it's probably in the 40s F here, but there's still a bit of snow to be seen, leftover snowbanks from plows. C'mon, Spring!

    Happy Sunday!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. HA HA HA !!! I already like your brother !!!
    You met him at " the local feed store" Sound good for me ! Look like he had his brilliant past and I like his style of hiding..Left the bum for the clue..hee..hee..hee

    I would love to know more about him : )

  3. This is fun..., Swaii here, If I could figure out how to take pictures with my lady's camera I would, not opposable thumb thing makes it harder. My brother, Kendo, and I live with a big black dog named Mr. Kite. I like to harass him to let him know who is boss. So Frankie, Daisy and Jasper, it would be cool if you all came by and we gave Mr. Kite a run for his doggy food!

  4. Thank you for dropping by our blog.
    It is so nice to meet you.
    We will add you to our Google Reader!


  5. What a cute post. I saw your comment on my namesake's blog and thought I'd come take a peek.



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