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Hello to all,
Please bear with us while we learn the ropes of Cat Blogging. My paws are rather awkward since The Lady needs to trim my claws (as if I would let her). We need all of you to help us figure out how to fix up our blog house. Where is the tuna? And...the litter box? We will be bringing on board some more handsome photos of me and a few snaps of my siblings (just little ones) as we are able to get The Lady or My Bestfriend to help us. I guess this is all for now because the heater just came on and I want to go fluff my furs. Purry Happy to meet you! Frankie

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Tomorrow everyone is celebrating Cinco de Mayo and we have an extra reasons to have a fun party time.  My Best Friend is 11 years old on Cinco de Mayo!  AND I was born this month 3 years ago so it is a triple celebration.  Happy Birthday to Us!  I imagine we will get lots of presents.  My Best Friend will have chocolate chip cookies and I hope someone gives me some chicken breast (don't care for thighs).  Because I am a generous friend, I will share my chicken with Daisy and Jasper but the presents are MINE.  Everyone here is asleep except me and The Lady.  Jasper is snoring (what's new!)  Daisy is quietly curled up on her favorite pillow.  I just can't sleep, thinking about our special day....



  1. Happy Birthday to all! - Moira :)

  2. Could that kitten be any cuter??

  3. Greetings Frankie,

    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Spooky, and I live with my pets, Ethel and Fred and a hyper dustmop of a dog named Jude. I dropped in on you here because you commented on my Ethel's blog. May I say, I find you quite a handsome specimen. Many's the day I've pined for longer hair, but usually am quite satisfied with my own short hair. Much easier to keep tidy, I would imagine. Do you get large hairballs? Excuse my bluntness, please, but I have often wondered about that, and Ethel just doesn't seem to be able to answer any of my questions along those lines.

    I am most pleased to see that you have adopted the quintessential cat expression of haughtiness and indifference. That, my friend, will get you far in life. Your lady will go overboard to please you, but you must from time to time show your appreciation with a rub on her legs or some loud purring in her lap.

    I have one of those young humans, too, but I have not seen her as yet. Ethel is her grandmother, and she can talk about nothing else lately. I hope I can maintain my indifference when I finally meet her, though I admit to having a soft spot for anything that mews. I suppose it's my maternal see, I was never able to have children.

    You are quite the lucky feline to have another feline as your adopted sister. I have JUDE. Jude is about as annoying as an itch on your backside.

    Oh, excuse ME. I don't usually speak in such a manner!

    But Jude is CLUELESS. He has several stuffed toys, and will grab one any time Ethel comes home from work. His favorite is a bright orange long thing - looks rather like a caterpillar to me - it doesn't DO anything, yet he grabs it and plays tug or fetch with Ethel. Sometimes he brings it to me and puts it down in front of me. I then look at it and then at him and say, "Well? Are we waiting for it to do something? Because I have news for you - IT' NOT GONNA DO ANYHTHING, YOU DOLT!" He always looks disappointed and goes off to sulk.

    I've rambled long enough. But I would like to wish you a very happy belated birthday, and please do drop by again.


  4. I didn't see an email addy...just wanted to say thanks re: the tip for a memory foam topper for my futon mattress. It IS kind of firm. LOL. Would be a good short-term solution!

    -Kim from Musings on a Small Life

  5. Dear residents of Frank's Corner,

    Greetings from Ollie, Louise, and Picachu. (and the Food Lady.)We just wanted to say congrats on winning that braided rug from Hilary. We are miffed as we all had big plans for it, but congratulations anyway.

    P.S. Pikachu has tail envy. She thought she had the fluffiest tail ever and was sorely disappointed to see that she does not come close. Frankie wins. Drat.



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