Beginners Catblog Message

Hello to all,
Please bear with us while we learn the ropes of Cat Blogging. My paws are rather awkward since The Lady needs to trim my claws (as if I would let her). We need all of you to help us figure out how to fix up our blog house. Where is the tuna? And...the litter box? We will be bringing on board some more handsome photos of me and a few snaps of my siblings (just little ones) as we are able to get The Lady or My Bestfriend to help us. I guess this is all for now because the heater just came on and I want to go fluff my furs. Purry Happy to meet you! Frankie

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Well, The Lady didn't go hunting yesterday so the cupboard is bare.  I have attempted to rectify her error with reminders; tipping water glass, singing loudly, and dancing her tummy but...all to no avail.  I am about to resort to some face licking which is a true regression and humiliation for someone of my stature...geez.....


  1. I've noticed that some Ladies don't hunt when it's raining, unless I mercifully encourage her quite a bite, I mean, bit. Eddie

  2. oh, Eddie, So good to hear from you. Old Buddy, thanks for the sympathy. My BestFriend's mother just brought us a bit of her Dried Feed. Better than Nothing is all I can say.

  3. The Lady stopped by my place yesterday and left a lovely note revealing a little bit about herself. I apologize if that was the reason she didn't get a chance to fill your larder.

    I must say, it's a pleasure to meet you & The Lady. And, I'm sorry if I'm touching on a tender area, but you look quite fetching in a dress.

    Big Hugs from our corner of the world. Do let The Lady know she's welcome to stop by any time for a visit.


  4. WELL...Sometimes she brings home chicken...dead chicken...cooked. Sometimes she isn't so lucky and we end up eating the dried stuff. I wish she would just let us hunt for ourselves...we would probably do a better job.



Geeezzz Lady! NOT THAT ONE!