Beginners Catblog Message

Hello to all,
Please bear with us while we learn the ropes of Cat Blogging. My paws are rather awkward since The Lady needs to trim my claws (as if I would let her). We need all of you to help us figure out how to fix up our blog house. Where is the tuna? And...the litter box? We will be bringing on board some more handsome photos of me and a few snaps of my siblings (just little ones) as we are able to get The Lady or My Bestfriend to help us. I guess this is all for now because the heater just came on and I want to go fluff my furs. Purry Happy to meet you! Frankie

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Attempted Drowning

As you can see, it has been eons since The Lady has opened the page to let us have contact with the world.  She has her reasons but none of them are valid as far as I can tell.  She is just another inconsistent and inconsiderate human who has her priorities askew.  And I have a perfect example of this to share with you.  A few days ago....

The house was quiet and cozy.  I decided to do my usual patrol of kitchen counters and cupboards.  I had just finished examining the bottom food cupboard and had jumped onto the counter to watch The Lady chop carrots, when I noted a cold drippy sensation on my privates and tail.  I was also suddenly aware of a nasty odor akin to cleaning fluid from the vets office. I felt some creeping confusion and just when I gathered my wits and was ready to jump down and lick my chilled rear, The Lady turned and saw me...."Oh SHEEEIT, FRANKIE!" she shrieked....Now I WAS alarmed.  But before I could evacuate the area, The Lady scooped me up and dumped my entire lower half; my beautiful fluffy tail, manly paws, and nicely tufted rearend...all into a pan of lukewarm dirty dish water.  Well,  Holy MouseInnards!  I was IRATE and fought with all of my might!  How could The Lady, who has always been trustworthy (as much as a human could be) all of a sudden turn into a maniac and try to drown ME?!  I fled the area and slid under the bed.  Jasper, alarmed and perplexed, stood sentry at my side.  Time passed and I crept forward...EEEEKKK!  I was attacked again and my poor little body was sloshed into another sink of water until I was so diluted with the hateful stuff that my gorgeous tail had melted into humiliation.   One good thing in all of this is I did get a handsome swap of claw into The Lady's arm...THAT is when I managed to escape for good. 

Time passed...I licked...and licked...and licked my distraught tail.  And, then, I smelled a lovely fishy aroma...wafting across the floor.  Yuuummmm....could that be TUNA?  TUNA!  I will say that when The Lady goes crazy, she really does experience remorse and tries to undo her evil actions.  And I didn't even have to share with the others.  After the tuna, The Lady apologized and petted me and gave me slow love eyes and head bumps.  She says that sitting in jewelry cleaner could make me sick....what is jewelry cleaner? 

Time has passed.  My tail has dried and re-fluffed to magnificent proportions.  I am, once again, incredibly handsome and The Lady promises never to put jewelry cleaner on my kitchen counter again.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Tomorrow everyone is celebrating Cinco de Mayo and we have an extra reasons to have a fun party time.  My Best Friend is 11 years old on Cinco de Mayo!  AND I was born this month 3 years ago so it is a triple celebration.  Happy Birthday to Us!  I imagine we will get lots of presents.  My Best Friend will have chocolate chip cookies and I hope someone gives me some chicken breast (don't care for thighs).  Because I am a generous friend, I will share my chicken with Daisy and Jasper but the presents are MINE.  Everyone here is asleep except me and The Lady.  Jasper is snoring (what's new!)  Daisy is quietly curled up on her favorite pillow.  I just can't sleep, thinking about our special day....


Sunday, May 1, 2011


It has been a long time since I have been able to sit down at this computer without The Lady's interference.  She seems to think that her thoughts are more real than our thoughts when, in fact, we are the reason she has not gone completely insane...If I didn't stretch out on her legs at night to hold her down, she would probably traipse around town in her nightgown singing old show tunes.  And if Jasper didn't sing at dawn, she would be late for work and we would all be living in our crates under the bridge.  So, you see, we have a job here.   Anyway, we carry on.  And then today an unfortunate happening occurred.  The Lady has this violently noisy monster that she dances with upon occasion.  Usually she brings him out on Friday nights when she opens a bottle of champagne.  The two of them slide around the house, to and fro, over rugs and floors.  After a few glasses of bubbly, she winds out his very long nose apparatus and swings it all over the darn place...walls, underbeds, in all of our hiding is a wild night...let me tell you!  Usually, in fear for our safety, the three of us retire to the loft, and huddle there for the duration. Best Friend was here and she and The Lady were cleaning the loft.  I went up to help out...move around some old fur and check out the contents of some bags and boxes.  I got a bit tired and settle onto a cushion at the back of the loft only to awaken in great alarm as I saw the snaky looking nostril of the APPARATUS come sliding up the loft ladder.  I WAS CORNERED WITH NO ESCAPE ROUTE!  What would YOU do?  No time for thinking...take action I hurled myself upon the mercies of open air, flying out of the loft, onto a window sill and to the floor...LANDING ON MY FEET...then I sailed out of the room to seek refuge under a table with Jasper (who was already hiding there,)  It may not be true that cats always land on their feet but this time I was  lucky. 

                                                        Thank Cod for good friends!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Tough Weekend

I am sorry to report our peaceable kingdom was ransacked this weekend by The Torturer.  Every once in a while, The Lady has an overnight guest.  He looks like a cutie pie human but don't let that fool ya.  He is a feline's worst nightmare. 


 When he is visiting we dare not lie leisurely in the sun or eat with our backs to the room.  Plus we know sleeping with The Lady in our normal spots is not gonna happen...Not with The Torturer flailing around all night like a mad dog.  Anyway, we each took refuge in various ways. 

I climbed: (which I think is a great survival tactic):


Daisy sought protection from Aslan:

And Jasper, being the secret agent man, tried out his camouflage technique:

Due to our cleverness, we once again survived The Torturer.  Naturally we needed to have an uneventful sleep filled day to recover.  But here is the worst part of all....after a night of hyper vigilant terror, we were subjected to what The Lady calls "pilling".  The Lady says we all had worms in our poop...I can see this might be true for Jasper since he comes from Who Knows Where and has a Secret Past.  But Daisy and I are clean as a whistle, our grooming habits are impeccable and neither of us picks our noses.  Hey...and NONE of us has fleas...go figure.  Worms...horrors!  I just can't fathom this.  But anyway, The Lady and her Loyal Friend (who you haven't met yet), wrapped us in towels and shoved stuff down our throats...GAG, RETCH, is over and best forgotten. 
 I have to say that if My Best Friend had been here, NONE of the above might have happened.  But, for now, The Torturer is gone.  The worms are dieing.  Until the next unexpected alteration of our days, we can relax.  I speak for all of us in wishing you a lovely Sunday and a week of good hunting.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ghost Hunter and Secret Agent

Ah!  A nice sunny Sunday here in the wine country of Sonoma County...(The Lady wanted me to tell you that.)  Personally,  I don't give a yowl about wine...and neither do the others.  But we are really smitten with lounging in the spring sunlight.  My Best Friend has been here overnight and she took some photos of me and Jasper working at some of our jobs.  In our family, I am the one who takes charge of all bird related actions and paranormal events.  Here is a photo of meoooowaaa in pursuit of a ghostly apparition.

My new brother, Jasper, is an enigma.  He came to live with us after we met him at the local feed store.  He was there, confined in a wire cage.  The Lady and My Best Friend liberated him immediately (they had been searching for a large marmalade beast for months to no avail).  He was "the right one", according to The Lady.  My question is, "The right one for who or what?"  Anyway, we know NOTHING ABOUT HIS PAST.  He is a secretive sort of fellow, hiding, to do who knows what in the privacy of dark spaces.


Today we wish you all a sunny snoozy Sunday.  And for those of you still shivering in the dregs of winter, there is hope and genuine solar warmth just over the horizon!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jasper's High Coo #1

                                                             Look at great hunter
                                                         Purring louder than a truck
                                                               Biting his mousie. 
                                                  Do you like my beautiful handsomeness?

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Good day...I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Daisy and I live on Frank's Corner.  In fact, I have lived here long before it was Frankie's place.  My brother, Jack, and I were born in a lumber yard on December 1st, 2006 (which is also The Lady's birthday!).  Soon after, we left our mom and moved in with The Lady.  We had a nice life together, exploring and cuddling until a very sad thing happened.  With no warning, my brother passed on...shocking us all with his departure.  Jack was a very sweet boy, always tending to my grooming and teaching me how to protect myself  (at least he tried).  I will always miss him.

And now....oh dear...what can I say without being too punitive...Well, I am a peace loving sort of puss and Frankie is definitely not like a loving brother to me.  Early on I learned that he is a dirty fighter...goes in for the kill when it is just suppose to be rough housing.  The Lady says he never learned manners because he was an only kitten with an immature mother.  I think she is being kind.  My impression is that he is an ornery bully.  BUT he is my family now and I am doing my best to make do.  I kind of like him when he is sleeping.

Just last month we took in a new brother.  Jasper the marmalade king is a mystery tom with much better manners than Frankie.  I will tell you more about him later.

FRANKIE HERE:  Believe what you want to believe...But do I look like the mean guy she is describing?  Would The Lady live with a mean guy?  Come on...Daisy is such a Drama Queen Kitty.  Hang in there....cause I will be the one to tell you about Jasper...after I finish teaching Daisy a lesson.




Geeezzz Lady! NOT THAT ONE!